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Screen Printing T-Shirts

So I was informed after my last blog that paint is not the proper nomenclature for what Foobadap uses for their screen printing process. What they use in the screen printing is actually Plastisol ink. Plastisol is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a liquid form. Which means that it can be poured like a liquid yet does not run like a liquid. It can be placed onto a shirt and the shirt can then be held up and the ink will not run down the shirt even before it is heated and dried.

When heated to 320 degrees, the ink will dry ensuring that it will not wash out or run. While it is a plastic based ink, the shirts will remain flexible and soft despite the drying process. It is one of the premier inks in the screen printing industry for its durability and lifespan. So call, e-mail, or stop on by at our shop in St. Charles to order your shirts, hats, or whatever. Foobadap has you covered.

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